I’m a Roof inspector

As a Roof inspector I provide professional roof consulting services in the inspection and evaluation of commercial, industrial and residential roofing systems.

Making sure your roof is clean, energy efficient, waterproof, and correctly installed is the best investment you can make in your home or commercial roof system.

Whether you need a professional roof consultant for

  • an insurance claim
  • underwriting requirements
  • real estate transaction
  • independent third party inspection
  • expert witness
  • for peace of mind

you can contact as roof inspector Leonardo Giannini to give you an honest evaluation after a thorough inspection of interior and exterior factors…;)

Your live space

To keep informed my customer I publish in real time, photos during processing on flickr while the owner is away from his property; same service during inspections for other potential clients. Never forget customers satisfaction…;)

I include checking for:

  • Hail and Wind Damage
  • Mechanical Damage
  • Structural Damage
  • Deterioration
  • Manufacturer Defects
  • Incorrect Installation Methods
  • Humidity Infiltration
  • Mold and Algae
  • Drainage Issues
  • Attic Conditions
  • Corrosion
  • Water leaks
  • Missing, buckling or curled shingles
  • Skylight flashings
  • Chimney flashings
  • Wall and curb flashings
  • Ventilation
  • Blisters
  • Membrane Tears and Punctures, Open Seams and Separation

Welcome lucky reader! Would you like to know more about your roof and to save energy?

    A constant and regular maintenance help to increases longevity of your roof.
  • Constant and regular roof maintenance
  • Control of bituminous and synthetic welds
  • Gutter cleaning

Repair roof

  • Bituminous and PVC/TPO roofs are easy to maintain and repair. Their heat-welded seams remain weldable throughout their service life, which makes any repair, maintenance or modifications to install new equipment fast and simple.
  • Typically repair of a heat – welded membrane, such as TPO or PVC consists of welding a patch on the membrane over the hole that has been discovered as the source of a leak, or re-welding a void in the seam.
  • If no leaks occur, its still recommended to re-seam (apply 6 inch cover tape over all seams) an EPDM rubber membrane every 7-10 years, when adhesive starts to naturally fail.
  • Built-up roofs are very difficult to repair, or even to find a leak.

A relatively small investment in a professional Roof inspector can save you a ton of time attempting to do it yourself, and give you peace of mind that the job was done right!