Leonardo Giannini with “EnerGiannini” discovers and recommend a new generation of environmentally friendly building materials, providing innovative solutions on energy efficiency and comfort for your homes…;)

A full range of solutions for sustainable construction and green building to ensure maximum living comfort and to improve environmental efficiency in construction.

Eco materials for roofs, roofing and photovoltaic systems, floors, ceilings, walls, false and e-mobility all in order to realize an house, a villa , an apartment, an industrial building, a school or a shopping mall with high energy efficiency!

...to imagine a new world

environmental efficiency in construction

19th century 20th century 21h century

This is a dream an example of passive house build in occasion of Solar Decathlon 2014 in Paris from Italian Architects and engineers.

Scienzia: notizia delle cose che sono possibile presente e preterite. Prescenzia: notizia delle cose ch’è possivine che possin venire.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Science: news of the things that are possible in the present. Prescience: news of the things which are possible to come.

Leonardo Da Vinci
  • I’m specialized and get ready to solve all the problems related to Waterproofing, Integrated Photovoltaic Systems, Asbestos insulation, Insulation;
  • I’m at the forefront of new technologies;
  • I work with engineers in selecting the most suitable materials for the realization of the insulation package;
  • I suggest how to choice the best solutions for a flat roof or sloping roof;
  • I suggest to the client how to prepare the various ad hoc masonry (screeds, chimneys, walls, channels, etc. ..) that are to receive the waterproofing membrane in order to ensure maximum compatibility;
  • I work together with engineers and customers in the choice of green roof, cool roof, a roof with high energy efficiency ;
  • As Roof inspector provides professional roof consulting services in the inspection and evaluation of commercial, industrial and residential roofing systems. Making sure your roof is clean, energy efficient, waterproof, and correctly installed is the best investment you can make in your home or commercial roof system.