About me

Leonardo Giannini

Leonardo Giannini

Energy Consultant, Roof inspector, web designer, e-commerce manager

I come from Italy and I was “born” on internet in 1996 when in Italy we used surfing the web with modem 56K. For over ten years I had a training in construction and business management and I couldn’t stay too far from my Mac and the coming of Internet.

Now I “landed” in Netherlands, Den Haag, to improve my knowledge and experience in sustainable construction, IT and e-commerce.

Always curious to know and how to improve the world and our future…

I’m ready to fly…;)

  • Flat roof

    • Complete process of a flat roof
    • Cool roof benefits
  • Sloping roof

    • Complete process of sloping roof
    • Ventilated roof
  • Sustainable building

    • Green roof
    • Passive house
    • Eco sustainable materials
  • Thermography

    • Certified thermographer operator level II
  • Labourer

    • On the front line also as Labourer for 10 years…;)
  • Mac OS X user

    • Since 2006 thanks to my broken PC…:)
    • I started with Macbook 13,3 white and still working good.
  • Ebay seller

    • Ebay seller since 2003
    • 444 ⭐️ feedback score
  • Web designer

    • More a little bit HTML .. creative technique
      Can you see here…;)
  • PC windows

    • Office certificated skills
    • Good command of technical software for Verification thermal transmittance.

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